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Ingelube Website
INGELUBE® began their activities in 1988, with the mission of providing independent service on the topic of lubrication to the manufacturing and service sectors of the economy.

We offer a Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Service of mechanical condition of equipment, in order to detect abnormalities in early stage, to give advice so that a corrective decision can be made before failure ocurrs. See SERVICES section.

Our laboratory is equiped with modern instruments that allow oil sample analysis to determine the presence of chemical elements, contaminants, additives and wear particles.

INGELUBE® monitors quality in all stages of the service it provides. To achieve these goals, INGELUBE® periodically makes exhaustive revision, calibration and validation of each of its instruments, being based on the most rigorous standards. Instruments comes from U.S.A. and France. INGELUBE® is the manufacturer's representative / distributor in Latin America for some of these instruments, and gives technical support to users. See PRODUCTS section.

Also, sample results are carefully controlled. Values obtained from previously analyzed lubricant samples from each monitored machine are trended. Special software is used to efficiently manage the data base of previous results, including information and background since as far as 1991.

INGELUBE®'s customers are from important industries and companies in several areas of the economy, including mining, wood products, fishing, transportation, energy, etc. If these industries were forced to shut down their equipment, millions of dollars might be lost. It is INGELUBE®'s mission to prevent unplanned shutdowns and help keep industrial equipment running efficiently.

INGELUBE®, is exclusive representative / distributor of a wide variety of laboratory instruments, and specialized devices for the analysis, sampling and hydrocarbons and lubricant controls:

UVLM - Acoustic Lubrication Device (Ultra-Lube)

PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC - Automatic instruments for particle counting

KOEHLER - Instruments for Hydrocarbon Analysis

SPECTRO - Equipment for Analytic Ferrography

EASY VAC - Fluid Sampling Pumps and accesories

DINGO - Software for Lubrication Control

NORIA - Lubrication Literature

DEXSIL - Portable Test Kits and Instruments