ProReach Diagnostic Extension Pole
Properly lubricating bearings has never been easier or more reliable, because the Ultra-Lube provides the user with feedback about the current lubrication status of components about to be lubricated. Simply connect the grease-gun to the grease zerk. The operator is now able to listen to the amplified "sonic" bearing noise through the headset, discerning problems associated with lack of lubricant or too much lubricant. Both cases greatly shorten the design life of a bearing. No additional procedure is necessary other than to continue to grease components in the normal manner. It doesn't need to be more complicated!

A key benefit is the ability to lubricate a bearing based on its particular lubrication needs at the point of time when the user is listening to it, not on a possibily outdated or ineffective lubrication schedule. This is the "Acoustic Lubrication Method".

A bearing needing lubrication is louder and has a distinct sound quality from one that is properly lubricated. The ability to hear the bearing noise quiet during lubrication reduces the chance of over or under-greasing bearings, thus extending their life. This is proactive lubrication at work. The Ultra-Lube also provides the operator with the necessary means to establish and/or contribute to a Plant Condition Monitoring Program as well as to maximize the operational life of lubricated components.

ACTUAL RECORDINGS of Under-Lubricated Bearings receiving grease from the Ultra-Lube

150hp Drive End Fan Bearing

150hp Opposite Drive End Fan Bearing

150hp West Drive End Fan Bearing

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Use the Ultra-Lube and INSTANTLY know when a bearing needs grease and, if grease is needed, how much!

Now you can answer the age-old grease lubrication question, "How Much and How Often"?

Bearing lubrication methods don't have to be complicated to be effective and precise. The Ultra-Lube lets you know exactly when to stop greasing and whether or not the bearing even gets lubricant to it.

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Here's how:
Use the Ultra-Lube to proactively lubricate your bearings and rotating equipment

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Technical Note: 'Acoustic Analysis for the Rest of Us'

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